Drumsome necklaces are made out of discarded cymbal material, meaning it is B20-bronze. The typical drumsome structure is created by turning and hammering the cymbals.

If you wear the necklace for a while, it will start to change its color. That is because of the bronze is starting to get its natural protection layer, the patina, by reacting to air and sweat. The patina will vary from person to person. This means, after a few weeks the necklace will become your individual necklace.

How it started

André, one of our three co-founders, loves playing drums. During that he crushed a few cymbals and realized that a splint could be used as a necklace.
That was how the idea of Drumsome was born. During Industrial Engineering studies the group of André, Ivan and Stefan formed and we decided to walk the entrepreneurial path together.

We have a lot of cool ideas – so stay tuned!