Guitarist Necklace 

Up-cycled from drum cymbals
Made in Switzerland
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1-year warranty
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What’s Music for you?
Movement of a string, a way to express feelings.
The time you take to learn a song, and the moment playing it right for the first time.
PS: I had to chain it up, else I’d lose it again – Guitarist problems ;P

This Plectro necklace is unique, it is made of a discarded, handmade drum cymbal.


The raw form of the jewellery is cut out of a cymbal by laser after that some finishing touches are added.

The necklace is delivered with a black, adjustable waxed cotton strap that fits all neck sizes.

Connecting People. With Music.


Swissmade jewellery made through repurposing drum cymbals.


The raw form of the jewellery is cut out of a cymbal by laser and then smoothened and finished by hand.

What we stand for

Drumsome is love for music, friendship, creativity and sustainability.

Designers Note

I got to know Nico, the drummer of DAENS, because he had some broken Cymbals to get rid of and I had a way to use those.
We met for a beer and I got to know about his band.
Check out their song above.

As this necklace obviously is not inspired by a song I deticated it to them.

Eighteleven by DAENS

I bought my Necklace because of its connection with music and with Drums.

I love it!

Domi Dettling

The quality of the necklace is great!
It’s got a perfect weight to it and the shine is exactly what I wanted out of it.

Rex Larkman